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Sebastopol, CA

Inspired by gracious Spanish Colonial precedents, we nestled this new Sonoma County hacienda on the brow of a gently curving slope to maximize the available views and to minimize the impact of grading on the site.  


The site’s unique attributes helped dictate the ‘bent’ configuration of the floor plan with its two distinct wings that ‘hinge’ at the Entry.  This ‘bent’ plan facilitated the creation of an intimate entry courtyard on the approach side of the house and an expansive loggia and veranda on the more open view side of the residence.


The eco-friendly residence artfully integrates innovative construction methodologies with re-purposed materials.  The thick walls mimic old adobe by utilizing 12" deep ICF blocks, while the roof utilizes terra-cotta mission tiles salvaged from a French monastery and the wood beams used are centuries old.  


Hand-troweled plaster, Italian wood windows, indigenous stone, brick from a local kiln, and antique materials sourced from around the world were incorporated to create this truly one-of-a-kind residence.

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