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Wild Horse Valley, California

The owners of this existing residence in the Wild Horse Valley neighborhood of northern Marin County had long realized their home did not take advantage of the deep parcel on which it was sited.  The existing traditionally styled home barely acknowledged the extensive rear yard of the parcel; worse, the existing garage blocked the view of that yard from a goodly portion of the residence.  


Taking our design cues from the Mediterranean climate of the region and incorporating our clients’ desire for a dining room addition and a replacement garage, we carefully created defined spaces that allow varied uses of the outdoor environment throughout the day and throughout the varied, but mild, seasons.


An expansive veranda and a roof deck over the new, lower-height garage take full advantage of their sunny exposure, while the dining room addition helps to shelter the intimate courtyard with its built-in seating and a wood-burning fireplace to warm the chilly evenings.  

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