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Cavener Architects is an architectural firm founded in 1999 with a focus on residential​ ​design. We are a full-service architectural firm providing program and code analysis,​ ​feasibility studies, comprehensive design services, preparation of permit documents,​ ​project management, and construction administration services as needed.

Additionally, our team can provide interior design, structural engineering, civil​ ​engineering, geotechnical investigation, and real estate market analysis as needed. We relish problem-solving.

We believe that each project site and each client’s program are unique and deserve a​ ​unique design. We imbue our designs with both warmth and modern functionality, creating spaces that possess human scale and incorporate timeless details.

As Eero Saarinen stated, ​"​The purpose of architecture is to shelter and enhance man​'​s life on​ ​earth and to fulfill his belief in the nobility of his existence​." ​ We pride ourselves in innovative designs that meet our clients’ needs. Our varied​ ​experience allows us to provide aesthetic, yet cost-effective solutions.

Jeff Cavener


Jeff Cavener has been a licensed Architect (C18410) in the State of California since 1987. He has a breadth of experience ranging from the design and construction of new homes to the project management of complex medical facilities. He has chosen to focus his practice on residential design because it offers the greatest opportunity to work directly with clients. To him, nothing is more rewarding than helping clients realize their dreams.

Mr. Cavener served for a number of years in a volunteer capacity as the chairman of a local Design Review Commission. This service has given him an intrinsic understanding of the​ ​plan review process and an appreciation of the importance of eliciting feedback from Planning Departments and neighbors early in the design process. Mr. Cavener also maintains a Real Estate license (CA 01178363) in order to better serve his clients.

When not busy with his architectural practice, Jeff’s varied interests include home remodeling, historic preservation, art, and vintage cars.

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